Sander Imes


Possibility of revision and installation


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Composed :

-2 Motorized loading roller conveyors dim. 2100 x3300

-Loading roller conveyor on lifting table dim. 2100 x3300

-Hydraulic lifting table capacity 6000 kg dim. 2100 x 3300

-Suction cup panel loader

-Loading roller conveyor with pinch rollers

-Imeas 2100 panel sander

-2 sanding rollers, offset

power of sanding rollers 90 kw + 90 kw

tow rollers power 9 kw

power of the sanding thickness adjustment unit 3 kw

min sanding thickness 3 mm

max sanding thickness 60 mm

-abrasive paper tensioning and centering unit

-Sander exit roller conveyor 2100 length 4000 for the control of the polished panels

-Extractor rollers group

-Lifting table for forming packs with a capacity of 6000 kg dim. 2100 x3300

-Pack unloading catenary dim. 3000 x6000

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